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Grading and Completion

by Delta Access Admin -

As we reach the June 24th mark entry the questions have increased on grades and completions.

A course is completed either when it is completed or on Aug 3rd when all courses end.  It is not completed when students no longer want to work on it.  If a final grade is needed for this month for Grade 12's entering post secondary next September we can process it but your course grade is not the one displayed unless you are fully completed.  

The current grade displayed is not an indication of a grade in the course but only on what has completed thus far.  So a 90% grade with only 30% of the course completed will only be a course mark of 27% approximately (how things are weighted matters as well).   This is why final marks are required for post secondary admissions.  This information has been sent on every progress report you have received in your course.

In July, we will switch our grades to show the grade in the course so all students will be fully aware of their standing as we approach the end of the course.  If most of the course is complete this will change very little and can only go up.  If there is much to do you will see a significant drop in the mark displayed but this was always your course grade.  

This information was also given to you with your welcome information and when you registered - please review this if you have not already.

If you have any questions surrounding this please contact us - 

June 24th Deadline approaching

by Delta Access Admin -

Reminder to all students that wish to use Delta Access grades for September post secondary admissions you must be completed by the June 24th deadline to have a final mark entered.  Course work that extends into Summer may not be accepted.  All marks entered throughout the summer will not appear on transcripts until October of 2022.  

Winter Break Testing times

by Delta Access Admin -

Our main office in North Delta which is not in a school will have testing times.  All other locations will reopen when schools reopen in January.   Please visit Book a Test? on would website for details.

First Mark Entry Window Deadline

by Delta Access Admin -

Nov 20th is our first Mark Entry Window.  If you require a Final Mark for post secondary at this time you will need to have fully completed the course by this mark entry window deadline.  The next opportunity for this is January 22nd.

For those students who are full time with Delta Access you are still working towards the January 22nd Mark Entry Window so you are able to enroll in the second semester of classes.  More details on this will follow.

For those taking a course or two with us you still have the year to complete the course but are welcome to complete by any of the our Mark Entry Window deadlines

Current grade standings are sent out by course teachers in progress reports or can be accessed via the student profile at any time on Moodle.



Testing Centres Open

by Delta Access Admin -

We have our 3 testing centres open.  To get a slot or see the schedule go to Book a Test?

Strict COVID protocols are in place - students not meeting safety requirements will not be permitted to write and or enter the testing centre.

Students wishing to write a test will have to adhere to our COVID -19 protocols (READ BEFORE SIGNING UP)

  1. Students will be required to bring and wear a mask when entering and while in the test centre
  2. Students will follow instructions on hand cleaning/sterilization upon entry
  3. Students will only use designated computer stations to ensure physical distancing
  4. No materials such a formula sheets (available on course website when applicable) , scrap paper, pencils, calculators etc will NOT be provided by testing supervisors – students must bring all materials need with them
  5. If you feel sick or have been in contact with anyone who has contracted COVID within the last 5 days as per the Fraser Health guidelines please email and cancel your appointment – (include date and location of cancelation please)